Kevin Bosch's Part In Krudco Skateshop's "Grey" Video

Kevin Bosch | Sleep Skateboards | VX

Sleep Skateboards Presents Kevin Bosch's VX Part.
Team Appearances By Derick Glancy & Isaac Jaquez.
Filmed By Taryn Ward | Nick Wnorowski | Jean-Luc Vida | John T. Sepa.
Edited By Mike Breitmaier.
Song: Dream of you and me by Future Islands.


A video by Michael Faller.

Featuring Sleep Teamriders: Isaac Jaquez, Kevin Bosch and Derick Glancy.

Guest Skaters: Michael Breitmaier, Michael Faller and Ryan Rinaldi.

Additional Filmers: Michael Breitmaier, Sam Bellipanni, Jean Luc Vida, Chris Nadziejko, Kevin Branson and Japhey Dow.

Music: Blouse - Video Tapes